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What are the ways to log in to the web interface of wifi treasure?

When using it with the Honor router, the second method is recommended. When used with other routers, method one is recommended. Among the three methods, the latter two methods are only applicable to access when used with the Honor router series.

Method 1: Access via wifi treasure’s default IP

(I) Visit with a mobile browser.

(II) Enter the login password you set to log in to the web interface of wifi treasure.

There is no login password by factory default. If you have set a custom login password (for example: set the same wifi password as the wifi treasure, the same web login password as the router, or the login password you place separately), please enter your custom password to log in. methods of login see at wifi wavlink com.

Method 2: Access through the HiLink APP client installed on the mobile phone

When used with “Honor Router Series or Huawei HiLink Smart Link Router,” take a mobile phone as an example:

I) Check whether the mobile phone has installed the Huawei HiLink APP.

If it is not installed, please refer to the router manual to download and install it first.

If it has been installed, continue to refer to the following steps.

(II) Connect the mobile phone to the router wifi.

(III) Open the HiLink APP client installed on the mobile phone and log in. In the “Zhilink” network topology diagram of the main interface (for HiLink APP-related operations, please refer to the router FAQ), find the connected wifi treasure, and click the wifi treasure icon. Jump into the web interface of wifi treasure. wifi wavlink com login

Method 3: Access through the new IP address assigned by the Honor router to the wifi treasure

When used with “Honor Router Series or Huawei HiLink Smart Link Router”:

(I) Log in to the router’s web interface, and in the area of ​​the connected user device, check the IP assigned by the router to the wifi treasure (for details, please refer to the router manual).

II) Connect your phone to wifi Bao’s wifi.

III) Open the mobile phone browser and enter the new IP of wifii treasure in the address bar to enter wifi treasure’s web login page. United States

If the login screen does not come up after connecting to wifi, NeverSSL may help you solve the problem.

Sometimes I take my computer to work outside in a coffee shop or other public space. I often encounter a situation where I connect to a wifi wireless network but never get out of the login screen. Although these wireless networks do not need to enter a connection password in advance, they will probably have a prompt message that requires login, or you must click on an advertisement to use the limited-time free wifii. You cannot access the Internet without completing these actions. So how do you solve this situation? Most friends should be like me, turn off the wifi, turn it on and then reconnect. After a few more attempts, you will probably see the login screen.

SSL Problem

But later, I learned that if the default login screen of wifi is not displayed, it may be an SSL problem. Everyone knows that Google has continued to promote the importance of the HTTPS encrypted connection protocol in the past few years. Nowadays, most websites have already used HTTPS encrypted connections in advance. (Especially there is a free Let’s Encrypt certificate that you can use also. And the threshold is much lower), and the anti-hijacking feature of the HTTPS connection itself will prevent the login page from jumping out. When the login page cannot display, it will not normally connect to the Internet.

At this time, you should try to connect to a website that “does not use HTTPS” to make the wifii login screen pop up usually. The “NeverSSL” we will introduce in this article is a small tool used as a “springboard” for wifi connections. Or you can also say that it is just a simple page. When you encounter the wifi login page that can’t pop up, try to open this page in a browser, and it may be able to solve it.

Use teaching


The feature of NeverSSL is that it does not use SSL (also known as Transport Layer Security Protocol, TLS), does not use encryption or verification. And does not use HSTS (HTTP Strict Transport Security). There is no HTTP/2.0, only a pure unencrypted HTTP connection. Of course, it is a simple website that helps users jump out of the wifi connection login screen. For now, it is a bit difficult to find a website that does not use HTTPS encryption.

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