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Step By Step Guide To Build An On-Demand Multiservices App Like Gojek

A super app like Gojek is the one-stop solution that meets your customer’s daily needs. An app like Gojek offers multiple services under a single application ranging from on-demand grocery delivery to ride-booking and making payments and more. The

On-Demand Applications have been picking up the pace. Gojek Application is one of the successful business models of Indonesia now making its presence in Asian countries like Southeast Asia, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, etc. There are already several Super Apps that have been established in the market. However, the are so many places left out to witness the boom like Gojek Applications. For entrepreneurs and people looking for developing an app like Super App, new startup ideas can be the best way to start the business.

What Are The Easy Steps To Build An App like Gojek

Step1 – Choosing An OS Platform

If you are wondering how many OS platforms you’ll target, ideally it should be both. It is tough to figure out how many are using Android or Apple. To reach a wider market, you must Build Gojek Clone App on both OS platforms.

Additionally, toucan also goes with the hybrid ones optimized for multiple platforms. Hybrid apps can be installed from the app stores. The final decision will be based on your budget and other requirements.

Step2: Latest September Month Features 2021

To develop an app like Gojek, below are some of the advanced-level features that can be customized.

Rather than adding age-old features, insist on adding the latest September Month 2021 features that include:

  • Taxi booking iWatch App
  • Restricted driver’s fraud
  • One store multiple categories
  • Location wise Push-v3notifications
  • Location wise banner home page
  • Advanced search detailed search
  • Using Firebase mobile number verification
  • Free delivery promo codes
  • Advanced rating flow for the items and delivery drivers
  • Restaurant menu multiple/toppings
  • Re-assign delivery driver for the orders
  • SKU Code for delivery items

Apart from the above-mentioned, there’s a comprehensive list of features to add like Multi-languages/currencies, Push-notifications, In-App Call/Chat Support, Online Payments, Advanced reporting, and analytics, etc. can be added to boost your app visibility.

Step 3: Choosing Technology Stack

Gojek Clone supports multiple functionalities in a single app. Hence, you must use the latest technologies while building a Super App so that it functions seamlessly.

The technological stack widely used in developing Gojek Clone App includes:

MySQL, Flutter, BootStrap, iOS, JAVA, Android, Swift, JQuery, Node, MongoDB, Socket Cluster, and PHP.

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Using updated technologies in your Gojek like App will quickly provide the desired limelight. The possibilities of your app to become successful hugely depend on the technology stack you use.

It is less likely that entrepreneurs are not tech-savvy. Thus, asking your app development team about the technologies they are going to use and a brief introduction of how it is going to help you know that your Super App built on the latest technologies.

V3Cube believes in developing an app on latest the latest technology that guarantees to provide maximum results.

Step4: Design and Development

Once you have determined the business model of Gojek, targeted audience, and the customized features it’s time to start with the development phase. Wireframes are the skeleton of your app, allowing you to know what your app will look like.

The app development team will start designing and developing Gojek Clone App. Once the white-labeling process is done, the app will go for trial testing ensuring that is running smoothly.

Step 5: Testing

You are about to Launch Gojek Clone App. The aim is to have a bug-free app that works without any glitches.

Therefore, before going live with Gojek like the app, make sure to check it in the live environment. The app development team will be doing the necessary testing internally. If there are any bug issues they’ll come to light that can be mended and your app is all set to roll in the market.

 Step 6: Launching in the Play Store/App Store

The final step, launching the app in the Play Store/App Store. The app development team will take up the entire responsibility of launching the app thus, they make sure that the Gojek Clone App is launch under your brand under respective app stores.

It Is The Right Time To Develop An App Like Gojek?

Super apps like Gojek are going to dominate the market. They are already prospering in Asian markets like Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

What makes Gojek Clone the right app to launch in the market now:

It allows you to offer 70+ On-Demand Services in a row – single applications

Cost-effective solution from the business point of view where the app owners don’t have to spend huge developing single niche applications

It allows businesses to provide a user-friendly experience to the customers

This app gives users the option to have one app that suffices their daily needs by ordering from a single app.

In Conclusion

Build an impressive Gojek Clone App that entices your users so that they stay glued to your app.

Ensure that the Super App design is well-thought and has been well-research before heading towards development phase. Having a streamlined user interface will attract more users to your app. Thus, knowing the app’s workflow can provide you with greater insights into its work mechanism.

Felica Carroll is Digital marketing leader of, An On demand app development company. She has an extensive experience in building successful strategy for app-based industry. She loves to write everything about clone Scripts and mobile application development.

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