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Microsoft Teams Be Integrated with Aavaz FreePBX VoIP Server

Free VoIP PBX Server 

Microsoft Teams is a popular unified communications tool that enables company and organization employees to collaborate and communicate more efficiently in various ways. Teams allow team members to communicate intelligently from anywhere via chat, email, video meetings, file storage, and app integration, allowing them to stay in contact no matter where they are.FreePBX VoIP Server

The conventional phone is still one of the most common ways for coworkers to communicate. Then when a more in-depth discussion of a subject is required, or when a more personal level of contact is required, phone conversations are still necessary. Since so much business communication takes place over the phone, Teams can also integrate with Voice over IP (VoIP) systems, which could make your job even easier.

Aavaz FreePBX’s direct integration with Microsoft Teams gives you the best of both worlds: a world-class VoIP system that also works with Microsoft Teams.

Aavaz has been an excellent VoIP phone system for small businesses and a powerful fax service for a long time, and they’ve lately started offering their video call system as a standalone product, which is well worth a look.

Today, we’ll discuss Aavaz FreePBX as a business VoIP system and how it can be linked with Microsoft Teams to provide a smooth experience. Aavaz not only allows you to make audio calls but also video calls.

The Aavaz Extension

The simplest method to interact with Microsoft Teams is to utilize their Chrome extension, which makes it extremely simple to initiate phone calls and video meetings directly from Microsoft Teams.

The best news is that the extension isn’t only for Teams; it’s compatible with all of Microsoft Office 365, including Outlook. The extension can be used to:

  • Schedule meetings directly from Outlook.
  • Call or text contacts in Office 365 easily by using contact cards.
  • Make and receive calls directly from the Office or Teams.
  • View all of your Aavaz and Office contacts at the same time.
  • Phone numbers in email messages can be called by clicking on them.

Since Google Chrome is so widely used, this choice is suitable for a large number of people. However, you are not confined to using an extension; continue reading to learn about your other possibilities.

Integrate the Aavaz VoIP app with Microsoft Teams

Integrate Aavaz App with Teams

You can also integrate the Aavaz app directly from the Microsoft Teams app screen if you’re using Microsoft Edge or Safari or if you want Aavaz to integrate into the mobile app. Go to Add an App and search for “Aavaz,” and it will appear.

It’s worth mentioning that because Aavaz’s VoIP app is integrated into Teams, you’ll also need the usual Aavaz desktop or mobile apps on your device.

Once you’ve added the app and it appears on the left-hand bar, you may pin it for future access, which will make it much more convenient.

You’ll need to go through the setup procedure the first time you use the Aavaz app, which includes registering into your accounts and authorizing everything. To do this, you’ll need an account with appropriate permissions.

Suppose you have a larger organization or wish to install it for everyone. In that case, you should follow Aavaz’s official procedure, which will require someone with administrator access and provide the appropriate rights.

You’ll be able to utilize the dialer app to make phone calls right in the interface once you’ve configured everything—and it’s worth noting that Aavaz FreePBX has excellent technical support if you have any questions. This will open the Aavaz program, which will allow you to finish the call.

Upgrade to Cloud PBX For Teams

Cloud PBX

Are you a business customer? For more powerful native features, you can upgrade to Cloud PBX For Teams.

Suppose you have an Enterprise license of Microsoft Teams. In that case, you can upgrade your Aavaz package to include a complete Cloud PBX integration, which is substantially more powerful, as well as an upgrade to the capabilities of the underlying call within Teams to include all of Aavaz’s features.

This connection is a huge improvement over the corporate Teams phone system’s original capability.

Larger companies that want extensive call routing queuing, recording, and analytics would benefit greatly from the Cloud PBX option, which integrates completely under the hood without the need for add-ons or extensions. It’s the best way to add a VoIP phone system to Microsoft Teams, as it employs Microsoft Teams’ officially supported extension techniques.

5 things to keep in mind when integrating a phone system with Teams

  1. Integrate VoIP with your existing phone system

VoIP Integration 

When using VoIP through your PBX system, one thing to consider is what happens if colleagues don’t have access to their desktop phones.

  1. What are the best phones for me to use?

VoIP Phones

In most circumstances, you can utilize your existing phones with Teams’ calling integration. This implies you won’t have to pay any more money to replace your equipment. Integration is easy if you already have SIP phones. Another option for doing so is adding hardware that has been certified by Teams (phones, collaboration bars, headsets, etc.)

  1. Working from home

Work From Home

You can make extensive use of enabled remote communications. A great illustration of this type of situation is the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020.

Implementing communications and collaboration tools becomes a vital component of operations with so many individuals working from home. It can also provide some difficulties, notably in terms of connectivity.

As a result, you should consider the following factors:

  • The quality of the network connection is important: It should ideally be a high-speed, low-latency connection with minimal packet loss. Conduct a soft deployment and test calls to ensure that everything is working properly.
  • Make sure you can connect to the phone system from afar.
  • Make sure you can connect to the phone system from afar.
  1. Local conference calls and faxing

Conference Calls And Faxing

Faxing documents is still a useful technique to communicate and share information.

When you need to hold important team meetings, conference calls are perhaps even more important. This is also feasible if your licensing includes the conferencing add-on (in all Microsoft 365 Business Voice plans). This will provide you with a regional phone number (available in most countries) that your team members can dial to join the call.

  1. Identifying the quickest route to getting VoIP up and running

 Identifying the Quickest Route 

Integrating a phone system with Teams in any way is made easier by having someone else do it with you. Aavaz FreePBX can handle numerous parts of your deployment with their cloud solution. Evaluating your present needs and giving you a single platform for all your communications and collaboration. This frees you up to concentrate on what matters: your company’s success also.

Give FreePBX Aavaz a call right now!

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