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iPhone 14 Pro Could Be Most Perfect Smartphone to Use

Why you call a mobile phone a smart phone? The device which can be used for multi-tasking is called a smart device. With the development of latest processors in order to smarter hardware, smart phones are enveloping each and every task of your life. Voice recognition facility after the touch system gave more freedom to the users.

High resolution cameras

High resolution cameras allowed to get rid of heavy DSLRs. With the help of hundreds of apps in view of you can manage the daily tasks of life very easily. Larger screens provide better entertainment means. Social media in order to business handling keep the user up to date at every instant and many more. In this article, you will get to know the amazing expected features of iPhone 14 pro. You will start wondering what else better than this you can expect from a smart phone. At the end of this article, you will witness the perfection of iPhone 14 pro. But let us throw some light on some necessary things first.

Brief History of Apple iPhones:

The top revenue-generating company of the big five was released because of its first iPhone in 2007. It was Steve Jobs, the CEO of the company who requested the hardware engineer of the company for the development of the iPhone. It was 2G operated phone and welcomed all over the world in just 2 years. No one knew that this company can be the leading revenue-generating in fact the company in just 10 years. In 2008, Apple releases iPhone 3G and after 3 years, iPhone 4 CDMA was released. Then in September of every year, iPhone released its model. Apple has been the largest revenue generating company since 2019 onwards, having more than 250billion US dollar each year. The big five companies are Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and Facebook. With the rumors about iPhone 14 pro, it is expected that Apple will keep its dominated position in upcoming year.

Expected Features of iPhone 14 Pro:

iPhone 14 Pro is expected to release in October 2022. There are many rumors revolving around in fact the features of this smartphone. Most of them are true. It may be the most perfect smartphone to use. There are some major changes which are expected in this model.

Notch Free Model:

Apple introduced the notch in the iPhone X. This designed reigned many years. There were many functions which were based on the notch. Most important of them is face id. It is expected that Apple is launching a notch-free iPhone 14 pro. It means that the face id feature may disappear from the next model. Apple is willing to give the punch hole design in the iPhone 14 pro and iPhone 14 pro max. As far as iPhone 14 is concerned, it will have notch as it is.

This is one of the major changes that we are expecting from the upcoming Apple iPhone. Punch whole design will provide of the set a whole new attractive look with amazing functions in it. Like, a punch hole will have infrared camera, proximity sensor, light sensor, microphone, speaker, front camera, and dot flood illuminator. A lot of functions to be placed in a single dot.

In Display Fingerprint Sensor:

According to a dissertation writing firm, another drastic feature which is expected from iPhone 14 pro is the in-display fingerprint sensor. There are rumors about the authenticity of this feature but many experts have claimed that work is going on this project. We hope Apple approves this feature to make the upcoming model revolutionary. Moreover, year 2022 may be called as the year of Pro 14. But if the upcoming model gets a bit late, then maybe they declare 2022 as the year of iPhone 13 pro. We can just wait and watch for the results.

Port Free Model:

Apple is working on the port free model for many years. It was expected that iPhone 13 pro would have that feature but it did not happen for some reasons. Now it is most likely to happen in iPhone 14 pro. Apple will be the first company ever to produce port-free mobile. You will be wondering seeing that how the charging and other features will work. Yes, Apple is working on the best wireless charging system ever. With the MagSafe technology so that we will have quick and wireless charging available in smartphones. Just imagine how far the technology can facilitate us. We cannot think our life running smoothly without them. Wireless charging will support up to 30 watts which is enough to charge 3315 mAh battery.

Network and Chipset:

Apple launched the 5G supported mobiles in iPhone 12 pro. The technology is much improved with even wider bandwidth in iPhone 14 pro. You will experience no hindrance and lag issuer in your streams. Moreover, it has the latest chipset of Apple A15 bionic with even smaller width of 5 nm. It will be the processor having hexacore with the architecture of 64 bits. You will enjoy the power full graphics of Appleā€™s GPU having 4 core graphics.

Titanium Alloy Case:

Last but not the least, Apple is introducing a whole new case for iPhone 14 pro. It is made up of titanium alloy. It is one of the biggest changes in fact ever in the cases of smartphones. As compared to the old stainless steel model, titanium has even more hardness. It means that it will be more resistant to scratches. It will hard as well as more flexible to bending. Rest of all, it is nearly 50 percent lighter in weight as compared to stainless steel model.


Apple is going to launch its master piece iPhone 14 pro. It is expected to be released in October 2022. With new body and drastic features as explained above.

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