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How to make your laptop faster windows 11

There are times when you start to notice that your laptop is not performing well, and it has slowed down quite a bit. There is nothing more frustrating than using a computer with slow speed. You cannot complete your tasks the right way, let alone increase your productivity. 

Suppose you are using a laptop with a Windows 11 operating system, and you face this problem. In that case, you don’t need to worry because we will be sharing some of the applicable Windows 11 speed settings with you guys, which can surely boost the speed and your experience.

Why is your laptop Slow?

Before you try to boost the speed of your laptop, you need to make sure that there is nothing wrong with your computer or internal components which are causing this problem. So below mentioned are some of the things which you should check first. 

Low Ram

RAM is the temporary storage or memory of your laptop, which can store files and data temporarily, so the computer can retrieve it quickly when needed and save time. RAM also has a lot to do with the processing speed of your laptop or other computing devices. If you run out of RAM, your computer will use some of the hard drive’s storage as virtual memory. When you lack RAM, it can certainly slow down your laptop.

Old Devices

Windows 11 is probably the best operating system you can come across, but you have said that this operating system does not work well with older devices. If you are using an older model of the laptop, it could cause some issues with your computer’s processing speed.

Low Storage

If you are lacking or running low on storage space, then you can also find it troubling. There will be no more space on your device to store temporary files, which can be a problem. So, make sure you have a good amount of storage space. 

Virus and Malware

Keeping a check on your computer’s health is an essential thing to do. If you don’t have an anti-virus installed on your laptop, then you are vulnerable to attacks of viruses and other threats. If your computer is infected with a virus, you will undoubtedly experience many problems, one of which is slow speed.

How to Make Windows 11 Faster?

 Now let us not waste any more time and get right to our list of some applicable Windows 11 speed settings, which can surely enhance the speed of your laptop. 

Visual Effects

Visual effects use a good amount of resources of your laptop, which can also reduce the speed. Make sure to disable all the unnecessary visual effects which are using up all the help. To do this, you need to go to Control Panel and then find “View Advanced System Settings.” Once you click on it, system properties will open in front of you, click on the advanced button and click on settings. There you will see “Adjust for Best Performance,” check this box, and you are good to go. These visual effects can use up almost 20% of the GPU’s power, so make sure to tweak these settings because you will see significant improvement. 

Startup Apps and Programs

You might have noticed many times that your laptop has some apps and programs, which launch automatically when you start your computer. These apps and programs are not only found, but they are also constantly running in the background and using up your laptop’s energy. It would be best if you disabled these apps and programs from auto launching. To disable the apps, go to the start menu and find settings, then click on apps. Then look for the Startup option and click on it. When you click on it, you will see a list of apps in front of you, from which you can disable the toggle for those apps you don’t want to launch at startup.

For programs, open the start menu and select task manager. When you open the task manager, click on the startup button. A list of programs will appear before you, which will automatically launch when you start your laptop. Just disable the programs which you don’t want to auto-launch.

Storage Sense

Storage sense is an excellent feature in Windows 11, which manages the storage of your laptop automatically. It deletes the temporary files, cookies and frees up a good amount of storage. Freeing up space will affect your processing speed. To enable storage sense, go to the settings and then click on system. From the menu, choose storage. There you will see Storage Sense, will allow it by adjusting the toggle button. 

Delete Temporary Files

When you have too many temporary files stored on your laptop, it can use up your storage space, which is not suitable for your computer’s processing speed. You need to have a check on it and keep cleaning it after some time. Go to settings and open system settings. Click on the storage button to open storage settings. You will see the temporary files button, which will show you how much space is used up in these temporary files. Just click on it and delete the temporary files, which will free up space and ultimately boost your laptop’s speed. 

Bottom Line

These were some of the valuable tips and steps which can help boost the speed of your laptop. There are also some other great ways to increase the speed, like removing unnecessary software and programs from your computer. You can also tweak the battery settings and power consumption of your laptop to make things fast. If you are looking to buy a laptop for yourself or your loved ones, then make sure to visit Laptop Outlet and choose from a comprehensive collection of powerful Windows 11 laptops

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