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Create A Contactless Food Ordering App And Ensure A Safe Dining


With the Covid-19 pandemic still raging on, foodies are adapting to different ways. With a huge focus on security and safety, restaurant owners are taking numerous precautions to welcome back diners. Accordingly, entrepreneurs can make a big move in the market by launching a contactless food ordering app

Connecting innovation and a touch-free delicacy ordering platform

Digital menu scanning

With the contagious virus still spreading havoc, Quick Response (QR) reflects the future of the food and beverage (F&B) sector. Users can place their smartphones horizontally or vertically on matrixes containing dots. As a result, they can access a digital menu of a restaurant. 

Food buffs will know the availability, ingredients, and prices of different items. They can make an order without interacting with a waiter. In the long run, techpreneurs reduce operating costs immensely as there is no need to create paper-based menu cards. 

Touchless seating

Automation is the biggest advantage of digitization. As economies slowly open up, admins of an eatery can monitor tables 24×7. A contactless ordering platform will share real-time alerts about the occupied and empty seats. Thus, techpreneurs can add, remove, and delete reservations depending on the number of expected guests. 

Besides that, restaurant managers can receive payments beforehand for organizing events and inviting delegates. They can use mobile wallets and online payment gateways to get money in advance.

Is there a big advantage? Yes, time-saving is ensured as data about table numbers will be available. This leads to greater satisfaction for visitors as they will know which table to occupy after receiving the booking confirmation. 

Digital Feedback System

Guests often post remarks about the quality of their dining experience. While paper-based questions with options were commonly used, hand-held devices are in vogue now. Users can post their reviews instantaneously and rate the feedback quantitatively. Eventually, owners of restaurants can analyze these responses and take prompt action. 

Loyalty Programs

Despite the emergence of food delivery platforms, brick-and-mortar eateries still attract more customers. The pleasure of sitting in a restaurant, ordering a particular dish, and eating hot-cooked meals is close to none. Hence, there is an urgent need for restaurateurs to introduce a loyalty program. 

They can operate it online and introduce tailor-made offers and promo codes. Besides that, they can increase the retention rate by introducing redemption points for every order. Customers can also redeem points anytime depending on their purchasing pattern. 

Order Processing Tools

It is hard to find a seat in restaurants especially during rush hours. However, a contactless ordering app will sort out that issue. It allows customers to use various options like dine-in, home delivery, self-pickup of orders, and takeaway. 

The choice made by consumers will be circulated to the kitchen. Trained chefs will start preparing the dishes after receiving the receipt of the order. It improves the pace of taking orders as there is no human intervention. 

How an admin dashboard is crucial in managing a restaurant

Geo-location tagging

This is apt for restaurant owners operating numerous chains. Entrepreneurs can share personalized deals with users as per the customer’s location. This is done by using advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI). Daily order volume can be easily grown by knowing about the average spending per visit, customer preferences, favourite food item, their ordering pattern, and the time spent in an eatery. 

Business Reports

Data visualization is the unique selling point (USP) of a contactless ordering app. Real-time information is circulated about the costs, gross merchandise value (GMV), salaries paid to the waiters and staff, profits, and revenue. Importantly, charts and graphs will show the performance of the restaurant over a period. Entrepreneurs can make improvements accordingly after checking the financials. 

Integration with maps

Similar to contactless ordering, touchless delivery operation is essential. Similarly, Techpreneurs can manage the activities of logistics executives by using Apple and Google Map plugins. This will ensure route optimization for the delivery personnel. They can choose either the fastest or shortest routes to reach the customer’s location. 

Similarly, customers who want to visit a restaurant can tap the Maps and know the accurate location. They will go to the desired eateries swiftly and have a hearty meal. 

Staff management tools

As a restaurant grows from one region to another, the number of cooks and staff will increase. Foodpreneurs can monitor the productivity of the employees on a real-time basis. They can view information about attendance, productivity in the eatery, and payments such as commission, bonus, salaries, and tips. 

Several workforce management tools include automatic reimbursement processing, Machine Learning (ML) based chatbots, location-based efficiency control, and personalized generation of feedback forms. 

This will lead to better employee engagement, safe storage of data, and the elimination of paperwork. Further, as entrepreneurs start new branches, they can use HRMS tools to check the resumes of new applicants. 

What is the cost of creating a Contactless food ordering system?

Various factors play a part in developing a touch-free food ordering app. It relies on numerous aspects like 

  • Extent of customization needed by entrepreneurs. 
  • Nature of basic and advanced features integrated into the mobile app. 
  • Salaries paid to the mobile app developers and website designers. 
  • Duration taken for establishing the frontend and backend of the platform. 
  • The type of frameworks, programming languages, and tools used. 

Above all, post-launch services will enhance the efficiency of a contactless food ordering and delivery platform. Potential restaurant owners can use solutions like API integration, compliance with food safety and taxation laws, issuance of software upgrades, maintenance of the mobile apps and the ordering website, organizing digital promotional campaigns, and technical assistance.

Wrapping Up

With the boom of the Internet, touch-free dish purchasing has a strong future ahead. Technology will play a crucial role in uplifting the finances of restaurants. Entrepreneurs can also take this big trend into account and come out with a contactless food ordering app. They can reach out to a clone solution provider and move to the top of the global hospitality industry.

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