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What is search engine optimization (SEO)?

Search engine optimization (SEO) involves getting targeted audience traffic to a website. This involves the most relevant, easy-to-read, and high-quality content

Possessed by the keyword (or primary keyword) that searchers mostly type on the search bar. The focal job of SEO is to make your site first and the best option for the searcher.

SEO is mostly about improving the content and ranking of your website, which will introduce the brands to the viewer. Increased brand recognition means increased revenue and profits. Search engine optimization is mostly related to searches on Google.

Why need SEO friendly ecommerce website? 

Companies need to focus on having a Search Engine Optimization friendly ecommerce website due to its immense benefits. SEO helps derive traffic to the company’s website; millions of people scroll through websites reading articles, blogs, and blog comments.

SEO will help make your product-related information to your potential customer when they search for anything related to it. This visibility will make your brand well-known increasing brand recognition, leaving a good impression.

When the searchers come across the information related to your company and product, which will increase your brand recognition and drive that traffic to your online store, these visitors will make purchases from your site and generate revenue for you, resulting in profits for your company.

SEO is a perfect tool that many ecommerce web design agency oversee. There is a robust correlation between ranking higher in search engines and the traffic you will receive on your online shop.

Therefore, an SEO-friendly ecommerce website helps in the trust-building of your business. Brands that appear as a suggestion on search engines are more trustworthy. Writing articles and blogs for your brand is what not all companies do, so those who do are considered t        

SEO is cost-effective. It is cheaper than ads on a website. Traffic derived from search engine optimization is for free it’s just a matter of the right keywords that will increase your blog’s appearance, including the information related to your product or brand.

Furthermore, many users skip and ignore advertisements on the site. But if the product is promoted through articles on the website, the brand is considered trustworthy and less risky. This is so because these articles usually have stories, reviews, and recommendations of the product. There are so many new problems to solve every day for your potential customers.

10 Tips to Develop SEO Friendly Ecommerce Website:

1- Make your website page easily accessible:

What many businesses do, they would post a product on their social media site and don’t add the link of that particular product, which makes it difficult for the viewer to reach that particular product; eventually, that potential customer gets irritated and loses interest. As a result, they exit the site and leave the page.

Create an SEO-friendly ecommerce website that makes access to all the specific results easy and time-saving. Companies need to add a separate link o their every posted product on any social media site. An SEO-friendly ecommerce website will boost sales and profit. Moreover, customers will have high regard for the brand. 

2- Keep checking if the link is working correctly:

Many companies have lost their potential customers just because their website link was broken, which irritated their customers, left the page, and eventually made them forget about their brand. For example, you like a dress on one of the brand’s social media accounts, you like it and decide to buy it; unfortunately, the link is found broken, and the page show “Page 404 Not Found” except for” he “add to cart “option. 

An SEO-friendly ecommerce website needs to be made. Ecommerce website runners need to make sure their website is not broken so that they do not lose potential or existing customers. 

3- Optimizing product pages:

One thing which reduces the traffic on brands’ websites is the lack of information given to SEO. Lack of data means SEO fails to identify your product or information related to your product as a search suggestion.

What to do to make SEO friendly ecommerce website? Companies need to provide complete and rich content of their brand and product, and services.

4- Tracking Google Analytics:

Google Analytics helps you find the performance of your website, and you will be able to see the pages which have performed the best and the worst and which social platform helps you drive most of the traffic, average time spent on the website, and so on.

You can work for an SEO friendly ecommerce by working on improving your website under guidance from Google analytics.

5- Keywords:

Another tip for  SEO-friendly ecommerce websites is that you provide appropriate keywords, which will increase the recognition and ranking of the information you have provided for your brand. The main task is to identify your keyword, which

You will be using this particular keyword throughout your blogs, advertisement, and, of course, your website. Keywords should be utilized consistently across your online store. For example, fashionable clothing has a high search rank. Therefore you should use these two phrases on your website, either in the product description or the catalogue. 

This can contain things like the product description, title, about us page, and blogs. Blogs are an excellent method to provide relevant information about your company while also utilizing these keywords. Make sure you don’t make your content flooded by these keywords. 

This would be irritating and unprofessional, leaving a low image in your customer’s eyes. Make sure the keyword you are using is relevant to your brand and is not repetitively used just 1% of the content. You may consult a professional or hire one for your brand to create an SEO-friendly ecommerce website. Moreover, there are some tools available; search for them on the internet and use them.

6- Make sure your site is safe and secure:

Suppose you want to check whether the website is authentic or not, then you need to look for an’ H’TTP://. It is essential that your websites need a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) website certificate that assures its authenticity and trustworthiness. Online stores that do not have this accreditation are identified, and a warning message appears in front of site visitors to alert them. SSL websites keep users’ information and payment safe; they are not copying or duplicating an authentic site.

Therefore, the certificate is a must so that you have an SEO-friendly ecommerce website. Otherwise, users will not visit any more companies can lose their existing and potential customers, leaving a bad image of your brand. Later, even if you get this Secure Sockets Layer website ten also many potential customers might not trust you again.

7- The site should be mobile-friendly:

Statistics show more than 50& of traffic comes through m-commerce, which means ecommerce from mobile phones. In particular, users greatly enjoy their visit from their mobile phones as it is easily accessible from anywhere and anytime; mobile is easily portable, unlike a laptop or other devices. User’s feedback revealed that scrolling through websites is comparatively easier than on laptops. It does show a bigger picture but runs slowly.

However, it is not so simple. Brands need to be careful with a website on a phone as there comes a problem of website size, which might not fix ion the cell phone screen. If you want an SEO-friendly ecommerce website,  you need to make sure your website runs like water on the mobile phones of your visitors, your potential customers.

8- Reduce image sizes on your website:

Another very easy but important thing is to make your website run fast so that your visitors don’t get irritated and offensive. Because offensive customers then go to your competitors and never return to you. This is so important because page smoothness is a crucial factor that determines how SEO friendly ecommerce websites do you have.

How fast your website runs depends on the size of the images you have uploaded on your website. Therefore you must reduce the size and make the images smaller. How quickly your ecommerce web pages load can be a factor deciding factor for how well you rank on search engines. You can create images smaller by tools available.

9- Repair broken links:

You might not be aware of some broken links but are damaging your image and repelling your customers. These links might be older ones that you have forgotten about.

You need to check regularly that all of your sites are healthy and easy to run. If you want to make sure your website is an SEO-friendly ecommerce website, then make sure it has no broken link.

10- Navigation of your Website:

Google will show you negative signals if you haven’t navigated your website correctly. Website navigation is very important so that your customers visiting your website do not face problems running your page. Make your website properly structured ecommerce shop.

To make an SEO-friendly ecommerce website, you can use breadcrumbs navigation which allows easy navigation to recent searches by the user. Users can always get back what they might miss back, making them admirers of your brand.

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