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Education and technology both are going side by side. The technological enhancements are also helping a student with very awful facilities. The services include help with dissertations for the students of bachelor’s, masters, and Ph.D. The students apart from using services like pay for dissertation. And hiring professionals also use some effective educational applications for their help.

Tradition has changed, the IOS users can also have the facility of different educational applications!

Android users always face difficulties in order to download and use the different applications that are easily available for android users. But some exceptional educational applications are easily available for IOS users. Ten of them are provided below;


Udemy is a platform that provides a series of online courses related to different fields and subjects also. The courses can also be from different university professors, like Harvard or Stirling. The application is very user-friendly for the users of IOS programmed mobiles. The platform of Udemy is a great tool for students to learn, explore and also understand different concepts.

Key Features

  • The application is free to download
  • Provide certificates for the courses
  • The fee is applied for certificates
  • Multi-languages are available


Consider it or not the YouTube has become one of the most prominent and also versatile educational applications for students. The students can learn almost anything from YouTube. The application is so convenient for the users that in different languages the same concept is provided. The students can learn different aspects of the same subject or concept.

Key Features

  • Variety of options
  • Multiples videos on the same concept
  • Free of cost
  • Easy to use


Courser is another type of educational application this is available on the IOS. The application is also available for android. Courser provides courses on the different topics for the students related to different languages and also7 different fields (, n.d). The application also works in collaboration and provides free courses to students.  The system includes paper, quizzes, assignments, and also practice material.

Key Features

  • Sometimes the courses are free
  • Collaboration for youth education
  • World-class universities courses are available

Solo learn

You are a student of coding, and you are facing problems with coding assignments. The application solo learns is a complete solution. The application can prove to be the best trainer for the people associated with the profession of coding. Also, the multi available methods for the understanding of coding and different practice exercises are very good for students. The different coding languages are available.

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Free coding help
  • Provide particular languages applications like PHP, CSS, C++, and a few others
  • Very handy to develop programs

Photo Math

Photo math is a math-help tool for the kids and students. The students using IPad and also iPhones can easily download the application and use it for solving math. The math question is solved with just a single scan. The scanning facility also removes the typing of long questions. The math pro has become an essential tool for every student.

Key Features

  • Animation regarding use is provided
  • Graphics for different statistics
  • A scientific calculator is also available


Let`s Read

Then let`s read application is an interesting tool for students and especially for kids. It is an online reading application for kids that are in love with reading. The reading applications are  also essential for some kinds and let’s read is a great solution. The application can also be used by the children and their parents or grandparents who love to make their children sleep with a bedtime story.

Key Features

  • Creative Application
  • Very easy to read along with Night Mode
  • This is only available on IPad

Alpha Bear 2

The alpha bear 2 is a gaming application. The gaming application provides a way for learning and memorizing different words in a new way. The application provides a game in order to use a few words the players develop the words. The application is also very versatile in the options as the players can use the dictionary, different modules, thesaurus, and much more.

Key Features

  • Very effective for the children and young students
  • Help in memorizing difficult words
  • Construction of new words
  • Available on IPad


Unacademy is a type of coaching application where the students can get training from different professionals. The application is very easy and multitasking for the students so that they related to any class or level of study. For example, the students passing from inter can use the Unacademy for the preparations of entry test for different universities. This is available on IOS and this can be run on any laptop, mobile.

Key Features

  • Implementation through practical examples also
  • Provide updates for revision
  • Instructor notes
  • Share image options for economics, physics, etc

Grass Hoper

It is another coding application that is available through IOS services. The application is also a helping tool for students related to the field of coding. The coding is of many types, but the application is only concerned with the java language. Java learning has provided a great tool for making changes in a way students used to do coding.

Key Features

  • Very easily available for the IOS users
  • Friendly application
  • Virtual representation of the coding tutorial in order to improve understanding of students
  • Feedback for the positive construction and identification of major flaws and also successes
  • Industry formulated concepts also for the Java scripts for professional examples
  • Makes the beginning learning very easy

Speak Fluent English

English has become the international language all over the world. In fact, the study has become dependent on the international languages English (Harvard Business, 2014). There are many students that lack in speaking good English then this application is best for them. The application is available on the IOS service and also with the help of this students can learn and speak the language more effectively.

Key Features

  • Only available for IOS and iPad also
  • 100 + conversion languages
  • Plenty of grammar tests for string grammar
  • Increases the confidence
  • The audio system is also available


Harvard Business (2014). Global Business Speaks English. [online].Business communication  Harvard Business Review. Available at: (n.d.). Announcing Coursera for U-M Students, Staff, and Faculty. [online] Available at: [Accessed 25 Oct. 2021].

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